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Well, maybe having a smartphone is really mainstream and much commonly. But, making money with smartphone, that’s still a rare case for some people and places. Umm, am I right? Well, just say it right!

Like what I put on the title of this post, yeah WHAFF REWARDS... Is this the first time you hear about it? Or you’ve ever heard once and your wondering is just occuring now? So, let me tell you about this big stuff as much as I know. Be ready to get much bucks with your smartphone and simply with your hand and keep connected with your internet!


As we know that to start this deal we need an Android Smartphone. So, if you don’t have it yet, just buy the cheapest but still the best one for you hahaha, SERIOUSLY! Now we’ready to start our days with Whaff Rewards...

Get into Play Store!
What is Play Store? Do you seriously not know about this? Are you really living in this 21st century? Well, maybe you were born in 1960. Take it easy! Once you get your android, you get the Play Store on it. Just look for this icon:

Did you find it? If yes, then tap it and now you are in Play Store platform.

You see the search column on the top, right? Just tap it, then type WHAFF! Need less than a second, there would be some names which match the best with your searching. And right, you find WHAFF REWARDS on it! Don’t wait too long, tap it!

Then you’ll be directly going to Whaff Rewards and next tap the INSTALL button.

Wait for a while, as this stuff just has a small size (7.56 MB only) so you don’t need much time to have it on your android.

When it finished, once again wait a second for the installation.

Yippiiieee you’re much ready now! Just OPEN!


Welcome to Whaff Rewards, friends! Yes, Whaff Rewards is much simple and easy to use. You need to tap the LOGIN button on the up-left side to begin your Whaff. And right, that’s connected with Facebook. Tap it now!

You’ll be directed to Facebook to confirm your connection with Whaff Rewards. Just press OK!

And you’re redirected to Whaff Rewards, there’s a confirmation to input an invitation code. Just type this code then press OK:

$0.6 on your balance now!

Yeay! Only by installation Whaff Rewards and input the invitation code, you made your first bucks, $0.6! Congrats, friends! You’re in the best condition to boost up your bucks! Keep scrolling down!

Fullfill your tasks and stay focus!
Whaff Rewards works by giving us some tasks every single day. Once you come to Whaff, the first window you see is ‘Premium Picks’. This is about the quests you have to do. The tasks in this menu have time limitation to be done. Then when they’re done, you get your rewards. Just follow the quests and get your bucks!

Slide to the right, you’ll find ‘Whaff Picks’ which means they are the quests you can do without any time-limit(s). There are so many applications you can play and if you make the target you’ll be rewarded! Just have fun!

Slide again to the right, you’ll be on ‘Attendance’. This is about your daily attendance to Whaff Rewards. You just need to tap the button below the ‘big numbers’ and you gain $0.01. Don’t miss even for one day!

The last slide on the right, there is ‘User Stream’. It is about all Whaff users activites in the world. Maybe you’ll sometimes need to check what happened to people on Whaff.

Back to the Premium Picks then slide to the left. You’re on ‘Invite Friends’. That’s obviously about the deals once you make your friends join to Whaff Rewards by your invitation. Yes, you’ll get $0.3 for every friend registered by your invitation code. Guess to count how much bucks you’d get if you make 100 friends join per day??? $30 per day! And what about if you can make more than a hundred? It’s a big deal huh?!

How can I get the money comes into my purse?
Common question! You see the top list of menu on the up-right side. Tap it and you’ll find some menus, then tap the ‘Payout’ menu.

Now you get yourself on the payout menu. There are so many accounts-billing you can choose. Each accounts have different minimum purchase. Choose the best for your transaction. And don’t forget to consider the terms you’ve known about your account condition.

That’s all about my sharing for now.
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